Shanghai Concord Cancer Center

Shanghai Concord Cancer Center (“SCCC” or the center) is the Premium Level III oncology hospitals planned to be built, managed and operated by CCM in cooperation with MD Anderson Cancer Center. With the goal of internationalization and standardization, SCCC will promote the integrated development of medical services, clinical transformational medicine and personnel training.
SCCC is located in the largest and most complete Hongqiao transportation hub in Shanghai Xinhongqiao International Medical Center (“IMC”), a pilot area of National Health Commission and Shanghai Medical Comprehensive Reform and 5.3 kilometers away from Hongqiao Airport. The hospital is designed by HDR, a well-known medical architecture design company in the United States. The medical layout balances multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment in the United States and medical characteristics in Asia. SCCC will be equipped with proton equipment and multiple linear accelerators. SCCC covers a land area of 46,666 sq. meters and a total gross floor area of approximately 160,000 square meters, and has a planned bed count of 400 beds.

The center will introduce international advanced treatment methods, medical processes and management models,  the center will equip the cutting-edge cancer diagnosis and treatment equipment, adopt international multidisciplinary cancer diagnosis and treatment methods, standardized whole course management, and provides world leading high quality medical services which contains proton therapy as the characteristic for cancer patients.  SCCC is expected to finish the roof-sealing by the end of 2019.
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